Empowering contractors to make better financial decisions more easily through powerful software and personalised support...

Juniper Lynx is all about simplifying accounting while maximising your profit

JuniperLynx was founded due to a number of problems within the fragmented accounting industry.


Many contractors were afraid to make the switch to a limited company due to the increase in responsibility and legal requirements, even though they could be saving huge amounts of money.


Existing options did little to stem these fears because they are overly complicated. There are so many options to choose from that contractors needed to know a lot about accounting just to enable them to choose a service.


In response we developed a simple solution that gives them everything they need while taking care of things that they do not have time to worry about.


Contractors using our system can expect to receive the help they need to effectively run a limited company, maximising their profit whilst staying within the law. They benefit from included Top level accounting software that enables them to easily keep track of expenses as well as available profit.

Our clients were tired of Umbrella options that meant they paid more for worse service as well as giving them a much higher tax bill.


Since solving these problems JuniperLynx has gone on to develop a tight knit team including some of the best in the industry.


Our clients have access to their own dedicated support staff that ensure they are never just a number, as is the case in so many of the other options.


Thanks to the success of our clients, JuniperLynx is experiencing explosive growth and manages to keep beating client expectations.


In what is essentially a complicated numbers game, we want to make that game as simple as possible for you to win. We are here to simplify accounting with simple and easy software and support, enabling you to focus on what you do best.

Juniper Lynx is about making it easy for you to succeed with your own limited company