Keep things simple with modern accounting

We support your company so you can thrive, focus on your business, all without worrying about your finances.

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    Specially designed for contractors, 
    freelancers, and creators.

    Run Your Own Limited Company

    Put off from running your own limited company due to complex requirements? No more! We make things easy for you. Open your own company with us, apply for a business account, and update your accounts - that's it.

    Manage Your Business Online

    Manage your business online from anywhere in the world with powerful software, even from your phone.  Create invoices, Keep track of expenses, Check upcoming payments, and See your company's profit.

    Go Ltd & Pay Less Tax

    Our solution means contractors pay ~49% less tax than through an umbrella company. Not only that but they generally earn more too. Get taken seriously by clients with your own company.

    First time contractor or limited company pro? We've got you covered. 

    Get the help you deserve from your own dedicated accountant
     and powerful software at your disposal.

    Petina Meredith, Property Investor

    ''It's so painless to deal with my accounting and taxes now. Any questions are always answered very clearly!''
    FreeAgent Gold Partner

    Solutions for new companies

    Setup your own company with us, get extra support, and start getting paid what you're worth.

    Solutions for active companies

    We know switching isn't always easy. So we've put the extra effort in to make it seamless for you.

    Everything your company needs

    Powerful software

    We've partnered with FreeAgent to give you the simplest accounting experience possible. Know what to pay, when to pay, and how to pay your taxes. Create invoices & send them instantly to clients.

    One to one support

    Always know that you can get in touch with your very own accountant. Unrivaled support & regular contact that'll make running your own company a breeze.

    Complimentary IR35 service

    Reduce your risk with our complimentary IR35 service. Get unlimited contract reviews & yearly assessments of your working practices. Even if you lose a contract every month, we've got you covered.

    All inclusive accounting

    Get everything your company needs and even more with our inclusive accounting.  Taxes, accounts & director's self-assessment all in one place. No hidden fees, no extra charges. 

    Features you'll love.

    Running your own company has never been this easy.

    Want to simplify & earn more?

    Whether you're starting out fresh or a ltd company expert, we've got your accounting needs covered.